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2012 Wins & State Championships:                        

1st: John Hart 3/17/2012 Union City Mayor's Race Time Trial; course record & fastest time overall
1st: John Hart 4/14/2012 Aaron Shafer/Fragrant Mushroom Time Trial; course record & fastest time overall
1st: John Hart 5/12/2012 Berry Peddler Time Trial; course record & fastest overall time
1st: John Hart 5/26/2012 TN 40km State Time Trial Championship; new course record & fastest time overall 
1st: John Hart 7/28/2012 Georgia Gran Prix Time Trial (fastest time overall)
*1st Cat 2 Jeff McGrane  7/1/2012 Tennessee State Criterium Championship

Date               Race                                                  Top 10 result:


2/18               Tundra Time Trial                             2nd place (Hart)         

3/10               Dalton TT                                           3rd place (Hart) 

                                                                                  6th place (McGrane)
                                                                                                             8th place (Bostick)   

3/10               Dalton Circuit

3/11               Dalton RR                                          6th place (McGrane)
10th place (Bostick)

3/17               Union City Mayor’s Time Trial    1st place (Hart); Course Record 

3/17               Union Criterium

3/18               Union City Road Race


3/24               Tuscaloosa Criterium

3/25               Tuscaloosa Road Race


3/31               Hell of the South                                 6th place (McGrane)

4/14                Aaron Shafer RR                               2nd  place (McGrane)
th  place (Hoover)

4/14                Aaron Shafer TT                                1st place (Hart); Course Record 
4th place (McGrane) 
6 th  place (Hoover)
4/28                Tour De Moore Road Race               6th place (McGrane)

5/5                   Tribbey Cinco de Mayo TT               
2nd  place (Page) 
5/5                   Tribbey Cinco de Mayo RR               9 th  place (Page)
5/5                   Tribbey Cinco de Mayo Omnium      6th  place (Page)  

5/5                   Highland Rim Crit                               4th place (McGrane) 
5/6                   Highland Rim RR                                3rd place ( McGrane 
                                                                                                                    6 th  place (Hoover) 
5/12                Berry Peddler RR                                3rd place ( McGrane      
 5 th  place (Hart) 
                                                                                       6 th  place (Hoover) 

5/12                Berry Peddler TT                                  1st place (Hart); Course Record  

                                                                                         3rd place ( McGrane       
                                                                                         5th  place (Hoover)  

5/19                Rocket City Hill Climb Time Trial           2nd place (Hart)   
5/19                Rocket City Criterium

5/20                Rocket City Circuit Race                        4th place (Hart)
5/20                Rocket City Omnium                               4th place (Hart)


5/26                TN STATE TIME TRIAL 40km                1st place TN State Champion (Hart); Course Record   TN State Championship Jersey 

5/27                MOAB Criterium                                      4th place ( McGrane  )
 7th place ( Hart )  
9th  place (Hoover)   
th  place (Page)

6/2                   Roan Groan Road Race

6/2                   Roan TT (Temple Hill)                                      3rd place (Hart) 
10th place ( McGrane ) 

6/3                   Phil Bachman Toyota Criterium


6/9                   Healthy Newton TT                                     3rd place (Hart) 
8th place (McGrane)  

6/9                  Newton Criterium                                        8th place (McGrane)

6/30                Avery Trace Road Race                             9th place (McGrane)

7/1                   TN State Crit Championship                     2nd place (McGrane) & 1st Cat 2*TN State Championship Jersey



7/8                 NC State Time Trial Championship           2nd place (Hart)
4th place (Page) 

7/14               Huntsville Summer Omnium Overall            4th place (Hart)

7/20                French Broad Time Trial

7/21                French Broad Road Race
7/22                French Broad Criterium

7/21                Great Egyptian Road Race                       
 9th place (Page) 
7/21                Great Egyptian Time Trial                           
2nd place (Page) 
7/22                Great Egyptian Crit
7/22                Great Eygyptian Omnium
7/22                Nashville Cyclist/ Bank of America Crit      
2nd place (Hart) 
7/24-7/29       Georgia Gran Prix
7/28                Georgia Gran Prix TT                                    
 1st place & Fastest Time of Day (Hart) 
 3rd place ( McGrane        


8/4                   Oak Ridge RR (TN State Championship)

8/4                   Oak Ridge TT
8/5                   Oak Ridge Criterium

8/18                Memphis Invitational Time Trial
9/5-9/9            Masters Nationals
9/8                   Winston Criterium
9/9                   Carolina Cup
9/16                Pensacola RR
9/16                Pensacola TT
9/17                Pensacola Crit

10/7                Florida State TT